The most effective websites tend to be easy-to-use and have a ‘familiar’ look and feel to them. The anatomy of a website is therefore pretty straight-forward so we’ve created this guide to help you plan out the sections and communicate your requirements easier.


– HEADER BAR appears at the top of each page and contains a logo and navigation menu to access different parts of the site.

– HEADER IMAGE can be a static image, a video clip or a sliding banner that shows multiple images which showcase your industry and reassure the end user that they’re in the right place.

– ABOUT US section describes your business and should cover only the essential information to keep the customer interested. Adding a button could lead the visitor to a full About Us page if desired and image(s) can be added to draw the visitor’s eye.

– CALL TO ACTION should push the visitor to take the next step!

– PRODUCTS / SERVICES is an important section of your website which can showcase your best goods and services. Icons and images can be effective at grabbing focus and a small description underneath can link to more details if required.

– TESTIMONIALS are a great way to highlight feedback and reviews from recent customers or important clients.  They are effective in building confidence and trust in your brand.

– UTILITY section is very versatile and can be used for a myriad of reasons such as to further Showcase your products and services as a Photo Gallery. You can display Recent Projects, Important Messages or introduce your Team Members. It can also used to present Latest News, Blog entries or Social Media updates.

– CONTACT FORM is essential to give your visitors an easy way to send you a message right from within your website. They also demonstrate that you are available and are actively wanting to hear from them. They usually require name, email, telephone number and message but can be customised to include many other fields. People also have Sign-up or Newsletter forms.

– FOOTER usually contains Copyright text and Social Media links but can also include Contact Information and further page links.