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Adboard has been developed in partnership with MyFreeWebsite. The idea of Adboard is to raise funds for MyFreeWebsite by selling 10,000 advertising squares at £50 each.

Businesses, groups and individuals are encouraged to buy ‘squares’, which are 100 pixels each measuring at 10×10 pixels. There are 10,000 squares on the Adboard grid, each priced at £50 to support our cause. You are free to purchase as many squares as you like, as long as there are enough squares available on the grid. The more squares you buy, the bigger your image will be.

As well as helping fellow British businesses get online, Adboard can offer excellent promotion for your own website. When you buy your squares we display an image of your choice in the space you have purchased, which will have a back-link leading straight to your chosen website.

What’s more, the squares you buy will be displayed on the Adboard permanently. The domain name has been registered till 2030 so we guarantee to keep it online for at least 10 years, but hopefully much longer. Your image and weblink could potentially be seen by hundreds of thousands of people over the next decade.

We will also include an itemised list of everyone who has donated to the campaign along with the date and value of their contribution.